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Our Goal


The Austin Area Women’s Ministry Coalition centers on meeting the needs of women in the Austin Area Baptist Christian Community.  The Austin Area Women’s Ministry Coalition exist to serve women and to teach them how to serve others.  It is action based and focuses on living a Christian life based on the Bible.  Our primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to spend time together developing their knowledge of God.

Our Mission


It is the mission of the Austin Area Women’s Ministry Coalition to design, strengthen and/or develop Christian principles and leadership skills among the women of member churches causing them to serve more powerfully and productively this present age in teaching and learning experiences through conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums and evangelism participation.

Our Vision


The Austin Area Women’s Ministry Coalition will provide a distinct Christian environment of educational excellence by affording each member with training, knowledge, and experiences that would involve at least 80 % of the women in our local  churches and district association in becoming salt and a light in a corrupt and self-indulgent generation.

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